EXECRANDOS MANIFESTOS 02 – Online Stream + Playlist

O Ritual #2, propagado hertzianamente pelos Execrandos Manifestos já se encontra disponível fora do éter radiofónico [no link abaixo indicado] para todos aqueles que perderam a premiere durante as confinadas madrugadas deste fim de semana.Quem quiser associar-se a programas seguintes pode contactar via info@larvae.pt

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Featuring: Shredding Extravaganza / BAS ROTTEN / AXIAband / Namek / Grindead / Law of Contagion / DECAYED / Black Mold / Inhuman / Colosso / Gangrena / Frayle / Sickening Gore

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DECAYED – The Oath of Heathen Blood [LV023]

DECAYED – The Oath of Heathen Blood [LV023]


Larvae Records is thrilled and deeply honoured to welcome Decayed to their selected ranks.
Unanimously considered one of the most proliferous, resilient and cult Black Metal acts in the old continent, they’re about to mark their return with “The Oath of Heathen Blood” their 13rd full length.
Release date: September 6th, 2019
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29 years of unholy Black Metal!!!

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