Upcoming Releases:

LV035 – Haemorrhage – Emetic Cult [25th Anniversary Edition]
LV033 – Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die
LV032 – Sacred Sin – Eye M God

Current / Past Releases:

LV027 – Genocide – Genocide [pro cs]
LV026 – Genocide – Genocide [double cd]
LV025 – Genocide – Genocide [12″]
LV024 – Sacred Sin – Darkside + Demo 91 + The Shades Behind [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV023 – Decayed – The Oath of Heathen Blood [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV022 – Holocausto Canibal – Assintonia Hertziana [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV021 WHT – Grindead – Grindead [pro cs – white sleeve] SOLD OUT!!!
LV021 – Grindead – Grindead [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV020 – Theriomorphic – Of Fire and Light [pro cs]
LV019 – Undersave – Sadistic Iterations…Tales of Mental Rearrangement [pro cs]
LV018 – Aura – Hamartia [pro cs]
LV017 – Axia – Pulverizer [pro cs]
LV016 – Goldenpyre  – In Eminent Disgrace [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV015 – Goldenpyre  – In Eminent Disgrace [cd]
LV014 – Goldenpyre  – Turmoil of Flesh [double pro cs]
Containing all the past Goldenpyre discography! The three cult demos: Apocryphal (1998), Necroterrorism (2001), Decrepidemic (2003) and Atrocities (2005) which was previously featured on a rare 5 Way Split. All this in 2 pro tapes boxed in a A6 special slipcase edition with 4 different illustrations by André Coelho. This is really a must have release if you want to learn more about the portuguese Death Metal scene genesis.
LV013 – Dementia 13  – Children Shouldn’t Play With Zombies [TBA]
LV012 – Pestifer  – Execration Diatribes [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV011 – Holocausto Canibal  – Catalépsia Necrótica [12”]
LV010 – Web  – XXX [double 12” gatefold]
LV009 – Grunt  – Codex Bizarre – Deluxe Edition [digipack cd] SOLD OUT!!!
LV008 WHT – Misantropia  – Power Hating Slaves [pro cs – white]
LV008 – Misantropia  – Power Hating Slaves [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV007 – Holocausto Canibal  – No Sleep ‘Til Trutnov (Live at Obscene Extreme) [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV006 – Web – Evil + Promo Tape Revisited [double pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV005 – Desecration / Holocausto Canibal – Intravisceral Necropsia [7” pic vinyl]
LV004 – Grunt – Codex Bizarre [pro cs]
LV003 – Grunt – Scrotal Recall [pro cs]
LV002 – Under Fetid Corpses – Archives of Carnage [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!
LV001 – Holocausto Canibal – Compêndio de Aversões [pro cs] SOLD OUT!!!


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