EXECRANDOS MANIFESTOS 03 – Online Stream + Playlist

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O Ritual repetiu-se novamente, e ao mais alto nível, em plena efervescência no SOS DO Extremo Ao Caos através dos Execrandos Manifestos vociferados pelo Zé Pedro desde as profundezas das catacumbas do Grande Templo da Perversão Sónica.

Hate Forest – No Stronghold Can Withstand This Malice
[Album: Hour of The Centaur by Osmose Productions]

GAEREA – Pray To Your False God
[Album: Self Titled Debut EP by Larvae Records]

Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die
[Album: Born Suffer Die by Larvae Records]

Haemorrhage – Deranged For Loathsome
[Album: Emetic Cult 25th Anniversary by Larvae Records]

Hellspike – Fallen Empire
[Album: Lords of War by Metal On Metal]

Els Focs Negres – Focs Negres
[Album: Els Focs Negres by Rafchild Records]

Vøidwomb – Altars Of Cosmic Devotion
[Album: Altars Of Cosmic Devotion by Iron Bone Head]

Grievance – Lámina Anciã
[Album: Nos Olhos da Coruja by War Productions]

Rute Fevereiro – Obsession
[Album: V.A. – Shredding Extravaganza by Larvae Records]

Alex Moreira – Na Ponte do Cabouco
[Album: V.A. – Shredding Extravaganza by Larvae Records]

José Sousa – Red Horse
[Album: V.A. – Shredding Extravaganza by Larvae Records]

Larvae Records | 2020 Recap

Larvae Records 2020 Recap

Even though 2020 was a total disaster for the music industry, we’ve managed to keep and even upgrade our release schedule along the year.

Concerning live shows [although if it feels like it was in another decade] we managed to organize shows with: Deiquisitor, Hyperdontia, Bokluk, Narcomancer, Crisix, Revolution Within, Jarda…but 20 acts more were also planned / announced and forced to be cancelled / postponed.

A huge thanks to all of you, who keep supporting and enhancing our will to deliver the best music.Die hard collectors, fans, friends, bands, partners, musicians and venues thank you much for your support, may 2021 be a long awaited encounter with our past normality!

Corpus Christii / GAEREA / Grindead / Haemorrhage / La Chanson Noire / Sacred Sin / SKINNING / Unfleshed / Xeque-Mate / Deiquisitor / Hyperdontia / Bokluk / Narcömancer / Crisix / Revolution Within / JARDA