Grunt Scrotal Recall Tape 00

Band: Grunt
Release: Scrotal Recall
Cat #: LV003 | Release Date: 2015.08.29 | Format: Pro CS
Style: Electrogrind with BDSM aesthetics | Country: Portugal / UK / France
Obs.: Includes D-Load Card, Sticker, Full Lyrics, Band / Tech Info

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A-01 Topless Buffet
A-02 Goth Girl’s Don’t Say No
A-03 Bukkake Riot
A-04 Shemale
A-05 Cum Souffle
A-06 Fake Tits on Broken Chicks
A-07 Jerkin’ Between Jugs
A-08 Nailed Excrement
A-09 Chocolate Rosebud
A-10 Spermatic Hyperphagia
A-11 Message Board Grinder
A-12 Cosmetic Coprotherapy
A-13 Embroidering With Pubic Air
A-14 Limbless Female Orgy
B-15 Tetraplegic Hooker
B-16 Bordeaux Fishnet Strangulation
B-17 Wrong Leg Amputation
B-18 Clitoverture
B-19 Placenta Geyser
B-20 Ambidextrous Handjob
B-21 Intra Uterine Masturbation
B-22 Ovarian Juice Inebriation
B-23 Restricted (Rot Cover)
The Forest Whispers You’re Gay 
Glory Hole Incantions


Grunt Scrotal Recall Tape 01Grunt Codex Bizarre Tape 02

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