GRUNT – Discipline Deluxe Bundle

Grunt upcoming record “Discipline” will incarnate through the following deluxe bundle that will be out on April 2nd 2021. 

A few more items will be added to this premium package but meanwhile pre-orders are officially open.

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LARVAE RECORDS welcomes the mighty TARANTULA

«Thunder Tunes From Lusitania»

Acabamos de estender o tapete vermelho de 2021 para acolher o mais reconhecido e prestigiado nome do Heavy Metal nacional. Os Tarantula juntam-se à Larvae Records para celebrar 40 longos anos de carreira com a edição do novo disco de estúdio “Thunder Tunes From Lusitania”.
O novo álbum abarca todo o pluralismo, energia, peso e combustão que caracteriza o percurso dos Tarantula.

We just unfolded the red carpet to welcome the most prestigious Heavy Metal group from Portugal. Tarantula join forces with Larvae Records to celebrate 40 great years with the release of their brand new studio album “Thunder Storm From Lusitania”.
The new record gathers all the energy, power and combustion that blasts along their discography.

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Larvae Records | 2020 Recap

Larvae Records 2020 Recap

Even though 2020 was a total disaster for the music industry, we’ve managed to keep and even upgrade our release schedule along the year.

Concerning live shows [although if it feels like it was in another decade] we managed to organize shows with: Deiquisitor, Hyperdontia, Bokluk, Narcomancer, Crisix, Revolution Within, Jarda…but 20 acts more were also planned / announced and forced to be cancelled / postponed.

A huge thanks to all of you, who keep supporting and enhancing our will to deliver the best music.Die hard collectors, fans, friends, bands, partners, musicians and venues thank you much for your support, may 2021 be a long awaited encounter with our past normality!

Corpus Christii / GAEREA / Grindead / Haemorrhage / La Chanson Noire / Sacred Sin / SKINNING / Unfleshed / Xeque-Mate / Deiquisitor / Hyperdontia / Bokluk / Narcömancer / Crisix / Revolution Within / JARDA


O CD “Shredding Extravaganza” que reúne um total de 17 temas do elenco a seguir mencionado, e que inclui ainda um opulento booklet de 20 páginas, já está disponível para compra através de mensagem para Shredding Extravaganza ou através de Larvae Records ou

Trata-se de uma tiragem limitada e de cariz colecionista estritamente limitada ao stock existente.

Shredding Extravaganza:
Alex Moreira
António Soares
Artur Capela
Diogo Agapito
Filipe Ferreira
Gonçalo Pereira
Helder Oliveira
José Sousa
João Jacinto
Miguel Azevedo
Paulo Barros
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Silva
Rute Fevereiro
Tó Pica
Zé Pedro