Larvae Records | 2020 Recap

Larvae Records 2020 Recap

Even though 2020 was a total disaster for the music industry, we’ve managed to keep and even upgrade our release schedule along the year.

Concerning live shows [although if it feels like it was in another decade] we managed to organize shows with: Deiquisitor, Hyperdontia, Bokluk, Narcomancer, Crisix, Revolution Within, Jarda…but 20 acts more were also planned / announced and forced to be cancelled / postponed.

A huge thanks to all of you, who keep supporting and enhancing our will to deliver the best music.Die hard collectors, fans, friends, bands, partners, musicians and venues thank you much for your support, may 2021 be a long awaited encounter with our past normality!

Corpus Christii / GAEREA / Grindead / Haemorrhage / La Chanson Noire / Sacred Sin / SKINNING / Unfleshed / Xeque-Mate / Deiquisitor / Hyperdontia / Bokluk / Narcömancer / Crisix / Revolution Within / JARDA

LA CHANSON NOIRE featured on LOUD! Magazine #236

La Chanson Noire alvo de review e entrevista na LOUD! #236 [actualmente nas bancas!]
8.5 / 10

E o excelente “Cruz Credo” continua disponível na Larvae Records

E também em:
// Chaosphere Recordings
// raging planet

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LA CHANSON NOIRE – Cruz Credo [LV039]

La Chanson Noire – Cruz Credo [LV039]

We’re thrilled to announce the release of “Cruz Credo” the new album from the ‘punk cabaret goth’ act La Chanson Noire, on our probably most prominent format, cassette!

It’s also remarkable to team up efforts with cult labels such as raging planetChaosphere RecordingsVioleta Exótica / which will be handling the CD release of this magnificent opus.

Recorded in Montpelier, and mastered in London by Jon Astley (The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones), the new album features guest appereances by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, Manuel João Vieira, To Trips and Ninko. The amazing album cover was made by Vasco Inglez [featuring Anabela do Carmo and Beatriz Duarte]

The countdown for Halloween is on!!!

Release Date: 31/10/2020

// Larvae Records